Former Kingsport Mayors Come Together To Celebrate Bays Mountain

Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium has been a crown jewel of our region for decades. Millions of visitors create lasting memories, from great conversations on hikes with loved ones, to a child’s awe at the sound of the wolves echoing throughout the park. We feel nostalgic. We love Bays Mountain. Now, let’s create momentum for the future. It’s time.

This is the first effort where former mayors have come together to support an initiative in this way. We believe in Bays Mountain. As mayors, we all made improvements at the park while in office, and now, we are ready to do something together that will leave an even longer-lasting impact on our region. Just as we each passed the torch to the next mayor to continue the vision for our community, we are now asking you to help us carry the torch for Bays Mountain.