Bays Mountain 50th Anniversary Committee Members

Aiesha Banks

Vanessa Bennett

Kent and Jeanette Blazier

Tom and Pam Bowman

Russ and Joyce Brogden

Miles and Denise Burdine

Cade Campbell

David and Kelli Cate

John and Etta Clark

Denny “Trey” Darnell and Matt Smith

Van and Dorothy Dobbins

Jeff and Cristi Fleming

David and Brenda Fox

Gardner and Wilma Hammond

Jim and Donna Harlan

Jake and Amy Harris

Fred and Lisa Hilton

Steve and Jodi Jones

Dean and Robin Kerkhoff

Brian and Tabitha Kerns

Quinn Shelton and Megan Krager

Pete and Susan Lodal

Jeremiah and Jeanette Lounds

Ken and Judy Maness

Roger and Dreana Mowen

Dennis and Bobbie Phillips

Jack and Betsy Pierce

Matthew and Lara Potter

Woody Reeves and Lisa Shockley

Curt and Jenny Rose

Mark and Joanna Skelton

Todd and Kim Skelton

Corkie and Mary Steadman

Dave and Debbie Taylor

Buddy and Debbie Waggoner

Tony and Jamie Williams

Hunter and Sylvia Wright