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Fall Fest

There’s no better place to experience fall than Bays Mountain Park, and for its 50th Anniversary year, BMP is celebrating the new season with Fall Fest. “Some may remember the fall […]

Near to Nature: Pawpaws

The Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) is a small, native fruit tree growing in floodplain forests and creekbeds throughout the Appalachian Mountains. Pawpaws are recognized by their enormous, paddle-shaped leaves and slender, […]

Bays Mountain Bike Rally

The challenge: 50 miles for 50 years. Are you ready? Registration for the Bays Mountain Bike Rally is now open! Bays Mountain Park is partnering with All Trails Cycling for […]

Campfire Tales

Everyone gather around the campfire, and let Bays Mountain Park tell you a tale. This September, visit the Bays Mountain Amphitheater for “Campfire Tales,” a free storytelling event sponsored by […]

Cinema Under the Stars

Spend Friday the 13th at Bays Mountain Park… if you dare! Knoxville TVA Credit Union presents a special spooky edition of Cinema Under the Stars on Friday, August 13. Bays […]

Jeep Fest

Are you a lover of all things Jeep? Join Bays Mountain Park for its first-ever Jeep Fest on June 19, celebrating this iconic all-terrain vehicle that’s perfect for adventuring. This […]

New Legacy Trail

Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium announced at its 50th Anniversary public presentation today that the park will construct a new legacy trail in honor of its golden anniversary. This trail […]

Nature Quest

Search for the natural secrets of Bays Mountain Park with the Bays Mountain Nature Quest! This fun, family-friendly activity for all ages launches today as part of BMP’s 50th Anniversary […]