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StarWatch, our night sky observing sessions, is back this fall! StarWatch is an hour-long program that lets you enjoy the splendor of the night sky at Bays Mountain’s observatories. You might see star clusters, nebulous gas clouds, colorful multiple-star systems, distant galaxies and the Moon and planets. Hosted by the Bays Mountain Astronomy Club & […]

Twilight Zip Line Rides

Enjoy the thrill of flying through the forest canopy as the sun sets and turns to darkness on our 310-foot zipline. With only a headlamp and the soft glow of lights strung along the platform, you can let your imagination run wild while you soar through the twilight on this unique fall adventure. Pre-registration required […]

Music on the Mountain

Appalachian folk music is as much as part of our region as the mountains themselves. This fall, Bays Mountain Park presents “Music on the Mountain,” a series of concerts that lets you experience the root music of the Appalachian Mountains right here at the park! We welcome two music groups, the Green Rumours and Monroeville. […]

Fall at the Planetarium

Take a trip to the planet closest to the Sun this fall at Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium! Two new shows begin at the planetarium on September 3. The main feature for September through November 10 will be “The Transit of Mercury featuring ‘Solar Quest.’” This is a unique showing in the planetarium theater, beginning […]