Top Spots at Bays Mountain Park

Looking for a beautiful view, a quiet place to reflect, or the perfect place to propose? BMP has some wonderful options!

When you choose Bays Mountain Park as a hiking spot, you are most likely motivated by the promise of the beautiful views. Instagram and Facebook are overflowing with selfie photos featuring the sprawl of nature in the background. Whether you’re hitting the trail with friends, needing a peaceful place to reflect, going for a date, or planning an upcoming proposal, these are our favorite spots to take your breath away.

As Valentine’s Day (and springtime engagement season) approaches, did you know there are several “sweet spots” in Bays Mountain Park ideal for popping the question? The park serves as a popular destination for couples make the promise of a lasting commitment to one another and the following locations could be perfect for your magical moment.

View from Bays Mountain Park fire tower

1. Fire Tower – Topping the list as the number one spot for photo opps (and proposals), the Fire Tower offers inspiring, magnificent views.

The surrounding scene makes arriving at the top worth the trip and perfectly complements any celebratory occasion.

For a romantic destination, the nature views from this site create the perfect backdrop for a special proposal moment.  Just be sure your loved one isn’t afraid of heights before choosing this spot at the top of the mountain.

View from Bays Mountain Park dam

2. Platform on Dam – No matter the time of day, this location offers a stunning panorama of the heart of the park and serves as another top spot for all ages because of its accessibility.

For romantic ventures, especially just before sunset, the platform in the center of the dam is an ideal setting for a memorable proposal moment. The reflection of the setting sun on the lake, combined with the natural beauty of the woodlands, make this peaceful spot a don’t-miss destination for proposals.  In fact, Bays Mountain has even hosted very small and brief weddings there.

Cliffside Overlook

3. Scenic Overlooks on Cliffside Trail – Two of the most scenic, but less known, destinations in Bays Mountain Park exist on Cliffside Trail. The first overlook can be found at the Observatory and the second located less than .3 mile further up the trail (easily accessible from the overflow parking lot). Each overlook provides spectacular views, both facing over the valley and opposite the mountain ridges.

These overlooks provide the perfect, quiet setting with less concern of interruption.  Either of these spots will provide an easily accessible place of beauty to return to for years to come.

Bridge on Dolan Branch Trail

4. Wooden Bridge on Dolan Branch Trail – A little more off the beaten path, but closer than the Fire Tower, this destination provides a peaceful, private setting with the possibility of a waterfall in the background (especially a day or two after a good rain). Please be sure you wear good comfortable shoes suitable for the journey down and then back up the trail leading to the bridge.  It’s well worth the journey!

If you would also like to consider Bays Mountain Park as a venue for your wedding or other special occasion, contact the park at 423-229-9447 to discuss all of your event options.