Show support with a Bay Mountain license plate

If you love Bays Mountain Park and want to show your support in an artistic and unique way, consider purchasing an official Bays Mountain license plate.

Designed by Cassy Rose, the vivid license plate shows a red and orange sunrise coming over a blue forested Bays Mountain.

Once 1,000 license plates have been ordered, the State of Tennessee will authorize the production of the plates. When production is complete (4-6 months), the plates will be shipped to Sullivan County Clerk’s Office, and you will be notified the plate is ready for pickup.

The cost to pre-order a license plate is $35, and you can do so by going to and clicking on the “CivicRec” link, then search for “license plate.”

All funds raised will directly benefit improvements, events, projects and the maintenance at Bays Mountain Park.

For more information visit the Bays Mountain Park Association website at