New bobcats arrive at Bays Mountain Park

Two new bobcats have officially arrived safe and sound at Bays Mountain Park. Their long, cross-country journey is over and both kittens are already getting acclimated to their new home at the park.

Bays Mountain Park staff would like to formally introduce you to “Carter” and “Cash.”

Now that the bobcat brothers have arrived at the park, they will be placed in quarantine while park rangers work to get them accustomed to people and their new environment. Park staff have been working on adding several additions to the bobcat habitat to provide both safety and enrichment for the bobcats. An announcement will be made to the public once the two bobcats are settled into their new habitat and ready for visitors.

The bobcats have been described as ‘best buds’ and ‘very sweet’ so park staff are eager to start working with the two brothers. Before being placed with Bays Mountain Park, the bobcats were raised in captivity in Montana. They were born at an accredited zoological facility on May 3, 2022, and were two of a litter of four. Their two sisters will be serving as animal ambassadors at another facility.

“We are very excited to house two new bobcats at Bays Mountain,” said Tyler Wicks, chief ranger. “It is an amazing opportunity to educate the public about this elusive and secretive cat that is native to our area. We hope they will live long and happy lives here like all of the bobcats we have housed previously.”

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