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The poster for “Totality.” A Bays Mountain planetarium production.

“Totality” – This program is all about eclipses – from lunar to total solar. We cover how they occur and what happens when they do. We look back to the proof of general relativity and look forward to upcoming eclipses and where to witness them. Our production includes a variety of wonderful styles – from spectacular space environments to humorous pop-up books. A very special part of the show relates, in a very human way, what happens when you are caught in the shadow of the Moon and the Sun is plunged into a total solar eclipse. Your audience will love this program. And so will your audience of most any age.

A hallmark of Bays Mountain Productions is its focus on creating programs with a mix of education and entertainment. Your visitors will not only enjoy the wonderful graphics, sumptuous score, and captivating narration, they’ll also learn. We are very aware of how much information to include, and to avoid at all costs, providing misconceptions. This is especially true when presenting information about the Sun-Earth-Moon system and its celestial motions.

Production started in mid 2015 and completed in March 2017.

The show runs 25 minutes. The production also includes 63 short sequences that will allow your presenter to describe the latest, upcoming eclipse. These sequence modules are identical in length of 300 frames (10 seconds) and are the last set of frames for the show’s frame sequence. The 63 eclipse modules cover solar eclipses from 2017 to 2045! Since all planetarium projection systems are different in how they handle assets, you may also use a still image from the sequence that clearly shows the eclipse path in a book in the library scene. Or, you can use the Earth with path image that includes a transparent background.

We also understand that most planetaria do not have much funds. As such, we are distributing this program at a very low cost, much lower than our own regular rates, so any theater should be able to easily afford it.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Watch the trailer below (select a high resolution) or click here to preview the complete program.


Leasing Prices:


Dome Size 1 Year 25 Year
Portables $250 $325
< 8 m (< 26′) $400 $500
8 – 11 m (26′-36′) $600 $750
11 – 14 m (36′-46′) $800 $1,000
14 – 17 m (46′-56′) $1,000 $1,250
> 17 m (> 56′) $1,300 $1,625


Download the Full Pricing Sheet


  • Video mastered in 4K PNG; available in 4K, 2K, or 1K: PNG or JPG
  • Audio Formats – 5.1 Surround and Stereo
  • Show Length – 25 min.
  • Large Show Poster –  It is 10,500 x 15,600 pixels and will print a 35×52 inch poster at 300 dpi
  • Show Trailer

Small-sized poster image:

The poster for “Totality.” A Bays Mountain planetarium production.


Lease this Program
Download and fill out a copy of the License Agreement. Return the license agreement along with payment to:

Bays Mountain Park Association
Attn: Bays Mountain Productions
853 Bays Mountain Park Rd.
Kingsport, TN 37660

Please contact Adam Thanz or Jason Dorfman at (423) 229-9447 or use the contact form below with any questions about leasing this or any of our programs.

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In addition to the “Totality” show, we also have a special custom T-shirt available for theaters to sell in their gift shops. They are rich red, 100% pre-shrunk cotton, 6.1 oz, and highlight a stunning solar eclipse design on the front and YOUR LOGO on the left sleeve (3″ square space available). Shirts are $13 each, 100 minimum order. Please contact us with any questions.