Shows in Production



Ongoing Production:

“Celestial Wonders” – This is a very special program for us at Bays Mountain. Take a journey of self-discovery and excitement as we follow our young adventuress, Gaia. It all starts when she orders a unique, brass telescope for her birthday… A book that speaks in rhyme becomes a tour guide to the cosmos and brings mythology to life. This show will tug at your heartstrings and stretch your imagination. A coming-of-age story for all of us young at heart.

The show has been in production for years as it is quite complex. 3D modeling of not only scenes, but also of characters requires lots of animation and imagination. “Celestial Wonders” will be the show everyone will be talking about for years to come.


“Our Delightful Sky” – This is a wildly fun show for the young ones in your theater. Geared toward K & 1st grade, this wonderful mix of live and pre-produced content will tickle their funny bones while providing educational content in a grade-specific and curriculum-based format. They’ll learn why, and why not, the sky is blue. Or why the sun is part of daytime and the stars are seen at night. And much more. They’ll marvel at a star lore story of the night sky. They’ll get a huge kick out of learning a song. They will truly love learning about “Our Delightful Sky.”


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