Nature Programs

See our Program Schedule for dates and times on the programs listed below.  Nature programs are only $3 per person unless otherwise stated.  Group rates of $2.00/person are available if 15 or more tickets are purchased at one time.

  • BEAVER PONDS – Hike down Lakeside trail and see a beaver lodge; learn how beaver families live and explore their ability to construct their own home.
  • DINNING WITH WOLVES – See the wolf pack enjoy a tasty meal. Meet at the Wolf Habitat. Free program.
  • GROUNDHOGS – We know about their weather forecasting abilities; find out what really goes on in the life of a groundhog.
  • NATIVE WOODLAND ANIMALS – Take a walk around our Animal Habitat area and learnabout otters, bobcats, raccoons, white-tailed deer, wolves, and birds of prey.
  • OH DEER! – Meet our resident white tail deer and discover why they have antlers, what they eat, how they defend themselves, and why they live almost everywhere.
  • RAPTOR TOUR – Discuss each of the birds housed in our raptor center.
  • REPTILES – Discover the habits of snakes that live in East Tennessee and gain a better appreciation for these scaly creatures. Program features the live snake collection in the Herpetarium.
  • VENOMOUS SPIDERS – Learn more about black widow and brown recluse spiders.
  • WINTER TREES – Listen to the story of the trees found at Bays Mountain Park and learn how they adjust to winter weather.
  • WOLVES – Life in a wolf pack is exciting, dangerous, and complex. Find out how our gray wolves interact with each other and their environment. Presented indoors or out depending on the weather.
  • WOLF HOWLING – See and hear the chilling chorus of a live wolf pack communicating by voice. Meet at the Wolf Habitat. Free program.