--> Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium | Kingsport, TN

Rules & Regulations

There is a good possibility that you could get dirty during the day. Please wear clothing and shoes that you will not mind “scuffing” up a bit. During rainy or wet days we generally continue and use rain ponchos (you supply) when required. We take shelter during severe weather, such as thunderstorms.

Clothing should be:

  • Loose
  • Comfortable
  • Casual
  • Durable
  • Long pants or sweats are preferred during the cooler seasons
  • In very hot weather, longer shorts are preferred (Harness needs to be able to go over clothing and not touch bare skin)
  • Layered (layers suitable to the season will allow you to be comfortable all day)

Shoes should be:

  • Close Toed and Low heeled (No Crocs)
  • Comfortable, such as running shoes or sneakers
  • Suitable for the weather conditions (consider mud, rain, cold, etc.)

Jewelry, watches and non-prescription sunglasses are best left at home or in your car in a safe place, as we ask that they be removed before going out to the Adventure Course.

Glasses and contact lens wearers: Take any precautions that you would normally take when participating in outdoor activities to protect your eyes and your eyewear.

Tobacco products, gum, and candy are not allowed on the Adventure Course or during activities (for safety reasons). Tobacco may be allowed in a separate area during breaks only.

Anyone of “typical” physical condition and fits into harness and helmet are able to participate. If you have any physical conditions that are of concern to you or if you have a disability, please inform us so that we may work with you in performing activities safely. The activities are designed to be played by those of varying levels of physical fitness, and our qualified staff will assist you in taking the next step in learning and growth.

High Course Rules

1. No running or horseplay while using the Hawks Nest and The Flying Squirrel.

2. Follow ALL safety directions given by supervising personnel.

3. Use of the High Adventure Course without a trained supervisor is

4. No climbing allowed without safety gear and safety check. Helmets must
be worn on The Hawks Nest and The Flying Squirrel.

5. Closed toed shoes required. (No Crocs)

6. Climbers shall remove any loose clothing, and tie hair back. Long pants

7. Children must be able to fit properly into harness and helmet.

8. Anyone disobeying rules will be asked to leave the course.

9. No electronic devices permitted.

10. Empty pockets before using the High Elements on the Adventure Course.

11. Never touch lobster claws on harness. Harness must be kept tight &

12. Never try to zip upside down.

13. You are free to withdraw from Adventure Course activities at any time –Please advise supervising personnel if you desire to stop the activities.

14. Tickets for The Flying Squirrel and group reservations (min of 10) for Hawks Nest and The Flying Squirrel can be made at the Nature Center or by calling 229-9447.

Low Course Rules

1. Use at your own risk.  Not supervised.

2. No running or horseplay on the elements.

3. Anyone disobeying rules will be asked to leave course.

4. Closed toe shoes required (No Crocs).

5. No electronic devices permitted.

6. Empty pockets before using elements.

7. Group activities can be scheduled at the Nature Center or call 229-9447.